Thought I would share this interesting Kickstarter that I backed a few months ago (initial delivery is expected sometime in Sept.).  The products name is Lab-Box and its based in part on an old Leica (plus a few copies) Rondinax.  There where (and are in the Lab-Box’s case) daylight load/development tanks.  The biggest thing that sets these apart from your common Patterson tanks is that you don’t need a darkroom or light bag to load the film.  It has a special compartment/cutter to handle the 35mm film cartridge (120 film is possible in these tanks as well but follow a slightly different procedure.)  Almost all of my shooting is done on digital because of the cost of having it developed.  These costs come down enormously when you do it yourself but I didn’t have an ideal location to do the Patterson tank this to some extent solves that issue and I have gladly taken back to shooting with my Olympus Trip 35 and RC 35.  To me there is something about shooting with a film camera that feels better.  You think the image through and consider the look a lot more then shooting digital.  I will update this post when they start pre-sales (the Kickstarter campaign closed on March 28 2017)

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter page for updates Kickstarter Lab-Box


**Update**   PreOrders are now open at      For those of us crowdfunders delivery has been pushed back to March ’18 (which didn’t surprise me as I though the initial delivery date was overly aggressive and optimistic)   Thinking preorders will begin shipping mid `18  but the more people that back products such as these the more analog film survives

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