So you’ve noticed I’ve stopped doing the 365 challenge due to a couple of reasons. First was that while I know that the challenge is to make you see the same stuff you do everyday in new light as well as push you to go outside you comfort zone in finding an image but with me just going to and home my job at the time. Not a lot changes day to day in the winter. I stated to miss just a day or two here or that and then it became almost a week and rather then go back and post images that weren’t taken that day I decided that it would be best to stop. Second is that I recently started a new job in which I have a full-time job and my personal time is far less then when I had started the project. Maybe I will attempt to revisit the challenge as the idea appeals to me. I do hope to keep at least one new post a month and its related images. In the next day or two I will post my first foray into developing my own film (this post will be backdated to the day of development)

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